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Are you READY to...
  •  LOSE THAT EXCESS WEIGHT... without restriction?
  •  OVERCOME EMOTIONAL EATING... and gain control of your food [and your life!] back?
  •  LEAN INTO GREATER SELF-LOVE... and create how that looks for YOU?
  •  DISCOVER BODY FREEDOM... and soak in what loving your body REALLY feels like?
I get you. I understand you. I feel you. I've been there.
Left: August 2008
Right: August 2017
Left: Standard American Diet filled with donuts, chips, candy, fast food, ice cream, cheeseburgers, alcohol, cigarettes
Right: Whole food, plant-based lifestyle filled with chocolate-y smoothies, hearty bean and vegetable soups, amazing hummus flavors, delicious gourmet salad bowls

Left: Excuses, hiding, laziness, little self-confidence, and fear of failure
Right: Discipline, grit, determination, confidence, and power

Left: Depression, anxiety, medications, asthma with inhaler use, issues with my intestine, stomach, bowel and colon
Right: Little to no trouble with depression or anxiety, off ALL medications, no inhaler needed, breathing and going to the restroom are no longer issues

Left: Horrible acne, daily headaches, huffing and puffing up the stairs
Right: Clear skin, no more headaches!, energy off the roof

Left: Embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, bloated, emotional eating every day
Right: Joy, bliss, happiness, freedom, self-love, light-on-my-feet, overcame emotional eating

Left: A zombie, a plastic-wrapped version of myself
Right: Finally living life as my real, authentic self. I AM FINALLY ME.
It doesn't matter where you start. It doesn't matter how "far gone" you may feel. It doesn't matter what your friends or society thinks. It doesn't matter if you think you "can't" give up junk food.

Nutribabe Nation is an ever-growing and evolving membership-style community that supports, encourages, and coaches you towards lifestyle success and greater self-love.


Then come find me and I'll hand you the steps, tools, resources, and support that you need to CRUSH IT.

What this will mean for you:
  • Nail down healthy + delicious nutrition
  •  Gain crazy energy for LIFE
  •  Crush your goals with confidence
  •  Support + quality friendships
  • Never again feel like you have no where to turn to
How it's delivered:
  • Self-paced courses for success
  •  Downloadable guides
  •  Premium recipes
  •  Interactive coaching videos
  • Members-only support forums + members lounge
  •  How-to Q&A videos + tutorials
  •  Dancing + really good jokes
"Just had my welcome phone call and it was so uplifting talking to Bethany! Makes all things seem possible. It feels great to know we have Bethany behind us and we are all on this journey together. I found nutrition support that mainstream doesn't understand or validate. So happy to be a part of this family!" -Denise O.
You're moments away from your own testimonial of success.

"Bethany, I just have to tell you how wonderful you are! I have been feeling so alone lately and coming to Nutribabe Nation gives me such a sense of comfort. It’s always been hard to feel understood, but here I am listening to you [on your videos] and you are saying exactly how I feel. Plus your presentation is incredible – it is so welcoming and comforting. It’s like listening to a close friend who deeply cares about you. Keep doing what you are doing and keep being the incredible person that you are. Thank you for everything you are giving us!" 

-Kerri A., Nutribabe Nation Member
 Want to make sure this is a good fit for you?  Let's chat on the phone quick!
This monthly resource + membership community is here for you at your own pace... there's no falling behind.   Get step-by-step guides + tools needed from someone who has been there! 

In Nutribabe Nation, you'll get access to all of this [and more!]:
  •  A "start here" section, giving you a full guided tour of the membership site
  •  Your 21 Day Roadmap
  •  Welcome game-planning call
  •  How to Build a Nutri-BOMB Salad Video Tutorial
  •  Control Unhealthy Cravings + Addictions
  •   Healthy + Sustainable Weight Loss Guidance
  •  Taming Negative Self-Talk Course
  •  Monthly Lifestyle & Nutrition Trackers
Access to Your Go-To Coach + Other Members for Support, Accountability, and Community
Nutribabe Nation is a closed community of members on their lifestyle and nutrition journey right alongside you! This membership site has both discussion forums and a social platform built right in. You'll have your own profile to upload pictures and post status updates. Also built-in is an activity news feed to see what everyone else is up to.
"I love Nutribabe Nation! I feel the love and am giving it right back." -Sherrie T.
In addition to the main site, we party daily in the Members Lounge Facebook group. Here, Mrs. Love Chard hosts monthly Q&As, a members-only live show, and other impromptu value-packed, action step-filled support videos. These videos are also added to the membership site galleries.
Join your go-to resource center + online community!
Recipes, Meal Plans, Food... Give Me The Goods!

Whole food, plant-based chef and recipe developer, Chloe Stein, Chloe's Clean Cuisine, is my lead recipe developer here in Nutribabe Nation.

She's 60 pounds down with her own lifestyle transformation and she continues to live like a NUTRIBABE every single day.
Her recipe creations are #pheNOMenal and we can't wait for you to taste!
Large gourmet salads, comforting cooked dishes, decadent desserts, including things like:
  •  Smoky Guacamole Bean Burgers
  •  Toasty Chickpeas
  •  Sweet Potato Bruschetta
  •  unHoney Mustard Dip/Salad Dressing
  •  Lemon Vanilla Fruit Sauce
  •  Carrot Cake
Wait a hot potato minute... Did you say meal plans, too?!?!
Yes, we did! With your membership access comes done-for-you meal plans! These meals are suggested to serve 2 adults for 5 days [with most-likely leftovers!]

They're made with love and designed for maximum nutrition + ease in mind.
What other Nutribabes are saying...

"I have lost between 38 and 40 pounds with Bethany's guidance and support. I'm loving Nutribabe Nation! I feel so great and I have tons more energy. I am so grateful for your Salad Challenge [and your courses and programs]. It's definitely the turning point for me. You are making this world a better place. It's so amazing how many people you are reaching out to in the "Nation"!

I am forever grateful to you for all that you are teaching me about living this lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your lives, knowledge, and experiences with me to help me live a better life. Laugh, love, enjoy life, and eat gourmet salads! Love you, xo."

 -Ann Marie A.

"7 weeks of Nutribabe Nation and 10 pounds down! The magic secret to weight loss is Nutribabe Nation.

Thank you, Bethany. You’ve been such an amazing resource supporting us all. The absolute number one thing I would recommend is daily check-ins to Nutribabe Nation. We all ask for accountability... this is it. I feel accountable to every single member. Every time I feel tempted, I check in to the Nation." [Now down 26 pounds]

-Kim H.

"For so long I have been disconnected from my mind, body & soul! I have been battling emotional eating and anxiety for years. I now have the tools to change all of that! I am learning so much about nutrition and myself through the courses in Nutribabe Nation! It is already changing my life and I have just begun!

Bethany & Zane are such great coaches and are there to encourage, support and help in anyway they can!  If you are looking for the best guides [Mr. + Mrs. Love Chard] to lead you on the path of living a plant based lifestyle and a place to call home on journey, then you gotta join Nutribabe Nation! Thank you forever Bethany & Zane!!!" 

-Kayla W.

"I am in love with Nutribabe Nation. Thank you so much for creating a way to help guide people in this lifestyle. I don't know where I would be without you today! I'm so glad we are besties now and we are on this journey together! True friendship was formed and you helped give me my life back, girl. "

-Renee S.

"I am so glad that I know you. Thank you for holding my hand, for pushing me off a cliff :) and everything in between! My life is forever changed!" [Down 28.4 pounds in under 3 months days! YASSS.]

-Allison G.
What Nutribabe Nation IS:
  • YES to a closed social community platform to share your struggles, obstacles, and get group support
  • YES to step-by-step tools, coaching videos, and self-paced courses overcome emotional eating, obesity, and body and confidence issues
  • YES to crowding out the crap and things that are negatively impacting your health
  • YES to building your go-to support system by sharing and interacting with other members on their posts and in the forums
  • YES to committing to yourself by diving into the courses, watching the training videos, and using the tools and resources given, 
  • YES trying new things and taking action for yourself
  • YES to setting yourself up for success to create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU
What Nutribabe Nation is NOT:
  • No judgment, drama, assholes, or politics
  • No unhealthy recipes or pictures clogging your newsfeed
  • Not personal 1:1 coaching; this membership site is a group atmosphere. I do offer private 1:1 support in addition to the membership site for those interested. :) 
  • No set meal plans that you're forced to follow
  • No restrictive calorie-counting programs
  • No more feeling lost or wondering what to do next
  • Not an "all-or-nothing" approach
  • Not the place for you if you are unwilling to make changes
  • Not for you if you aren't up to doing "new-to-you" things
  • Not for you if you never plan to utilize the support or resources
LIVE Video Parties... like YASSS please
The MO Show, our weekly live show, highlights anything and everything to more you forward in your journey! Real life experiences featuring:
  •  Product and food reviews
  •  Life hacks + kitchen tips
  •  Q&A + "What would Mrs. Love Chard do?"
  •  Mindset + emotional eating how-tos
  •  Techniques + game planning
  •  Exercise + movement inspiration
"You're like the voice of my conscience. It’s great to have new little thing to read/watch in the Nation through the day to help stay on the path. Thank you! By the way, I've been meaning to say that your oratory skills are uber impressive." -Kim H, Nutribabe Nation Member
Guest Expert + Specialty Corners
Elevating your Nutribabe Nation experience and journey even more!
Sarah Steckler
Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Guided audio meditations
  •  Journaling to document your journey
  •  Mindful practices for every day life
Kristin Maack
Registered Nurse
  •  Whole food, plant-based transition coach
  •  Insight from the medical field perspective
  •  #AskNurseKristin show for members!
Lindsey Cope
Certified Running Coach
  •  How to get out the door!
  •  Training, fueling, and racing tips
  •  Post-run selfies with Toby
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm pretty new to living and eating healthy... and to be honest I don't really like vegetables. Is Nutribabe Nation for me?
Yes! And I totally feel ya... I didn't like vegetables at the beginning of my transformation, either. We meet you where you are in your journey and support you in moving forward from there. I have been where you are and I have the tools and knowledge to help get you to where you need and want to be.
I've been living a pretty healthy lifestyle for a while now... how will I know if this membership site will be valuable for me?
YES! I think it would be a great addition to your lifestyle. Congrats on all of your success so far! What I struggled with was not having many people in my "real /personal life" who are living this lifestyle, so it can be kind of lonely sometimes. Being surround by like minds is super important for me, even after living this healthy lifestyle for 4 years strong. If you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who build you higher... DO IT. In Nutribabe Nation, you'll have guidance + tools from me, support from other members, new ideas, fresh conversation, and have constant access to an online house party where people totally understand you!
Will you be adding new content or is everything there already?
Oh yes, there will always be new premium content added! The greatest part of this lifestyle is that it's a journey... not a one-and-done "quick fix" that doesn't last.  This is your go-to resource library.

We guide you to create sustainability and provide ongoing tools, videos, courses, meals, and support for you to continue to live happy + healthy. You'll have access to all of Love Chard's resources for the cost of your monthly subscription [$67 USD per month]. PLUS an ongoing supportive community that never ends as long as you're a member! :) 
How much time do I have to devote each month?
Honestly, this is totally up to you! Some members check in daily, others a few times a week. Some like to catch up and interact on the same evening each week. Whatever works best for you. I can tell you though -- the more time and energy you spend in Nutribabe Nation and put the action steps into play... the more value and the greater results you will get.
Is there community support and discussion forums?
Absolutely! Nutribabe Nation is a closed membership space with group forums for discussion and support... and it has a social platform built-in! You will not only have the guidance, resources, and tools from your coach, Mrs. Love Chard, but interactive support and conversation from the other members who are on their own journeys as well. We are in this together!

On top of the forums, courses, recipes, and videos, you will have your own profile to upload status, pictures, and whatever else you want to share. You will have the security and peace of mind knowing that everything you need is in one place... and your news feed won't be clogged with unhealthy recipes, politics, or other junk.

In addition to the base membership site platform, there is an optional Members Lounge Facebook group. Here, Mrs. Love Chard hosts monthly Q&As, members-only live show, and other impromptu value-packed, action step, and support videos. All of these videos are also added to the main membership site center.

PS: We also have a zero tolerance for trolls, rude behavior, or assholes, so you can feel safe in the privacy of our closed community.
Why is NOW the time for me to be a member of Nutribabe Nation?
If you're thinking about it, jump on it. There will always be things that we tell ourselves on reasons NOT to make a change. Whether it be fear, an upcoming wedding or vacation, or simply not knowing what to do -- which is totally fine; I have been there!  And I'll show you.  :) 

The time will pass anyway, so ask yourself… How do you want to experience that time? Why do you want to wait? 

Additionally, this monthly membership site is filled with courses are ready-for-you and guided by us, yet totally self-paced. In Nutribabe Nation, you'll get access to everything and can go at your own pace!
I really want to do this, but I am scared that I will fail. I am my own worst enemy and for some reason I sabotage myself… like all the time. Any advice?
Ahhh yes, I have totally been where you are... too many times to count! You are not alone. This membership community + resource library are here to support and guide you during the ups and downs and everything in between.  Investing in YOU through Nutribabe Nation membership site will allow you to learn, reflect, and be supported while you make healthy lifestyle changes that will lead you to your successes. It's in your reach... I'll help you get it. 
So do I HAVE to eat a certain way if I join?
No. My lifestyle and coaching is about abundance and whole fresh food... not restriction or deprivation. It's my job to share that with you and guide you towards optimal health, weight loss, wellness, energy, happiness, and soooooo much more. I do this through coaching a holistic based approach [whole food plant-based], but of course at the end of the day you make your own choices and you are in control of what goes in your mouth.

Some of our members in Nutribabe Nation will go "all-in" and some will rest below that. No one's day looks identical to their fellow Nutribabe's day. There is no "right" or "wrong", but more-so guided suggestions on your journey towards overall optimal wellness. That's always the goal, but we are human! :) It's up to you to take the information, coaching, suggestions, tools, and how-tos and make the best possible decision for yourself, your life, and your health.
What is the Nutribabe Nation membership price?
Your investment in Nutribabe Nation is only $67 per month and that monthly price will be locked in for you as long as you remain a member! [Even if the reguarly monthly price increases in the future].  Ready?! Join us at any of the pink buttons on this page. :) 

If you decide this isn't the right place for you on your journey, no worries! You can click to cancel your recurring monthly subscription anytime, hassle-free.
More Nutribabe Nation Member Love...

"I have found my tribe and their name is Nutribabe Nation. What a wonderful community of like-minded people. I love the safety of the closed group environment and I am so glad I joined! 2017... the year of the Nutribabe!" 

-Terri K.
If you're ready, then I'm ready for you. 
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